1. Camping Products I Can't Live Without

Camping can be an awesome experience, but how good a camping trip is depends on one of two things: the camper’s resourcefulness or the type of products and equipment the camper brings along. For someone like me who mostly relies on gadgets and things to get through, here are camping products I can’t possibly live without.

1. Solar charger

Being in the woods doesn’t necessarily mean being out of touch. I still prefer to have my smartphone handy even while camping. Having a solar charger takes care of battery life like no other, and having a fully charged phone means practical survival: GPS, time, entertainment, and Instagram. 

2. Lighter/Matches

Fire is as relevant in camping as it can ever be anywhere else. Having a lighter or matches just makes it easier to start a fire for cooking, for warmth, for light, or even for visual effect. 

3. Sunscreen

One of the worse things that can happen while camping is sunburn. Being already in a somewhat uncomfortable situation, having sunburn while at camp can be painful and annoying. I always make sure my skin is protected throughout the day by slathering on good sunscreen as needed. This is one of the main reasons why I must absolutely have the next product.

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2. Secrets to Keeping the Bathroom Clean Longer

Cleaning the bathroom is a pretty unpopular chore in most households. It is the room that most people want to avoid cleaning as much as possible for various reasons. However, when you implement a few tricks you can keep your bathroom cleaner for longer, so that you don't have to clean it as often. Continue reading to find out four secrets to keeping the bathroom clean longer.


1. Do Small Tasks Everyday

When you only clean the bathroom once a month, or longer, it seems like such a big task because there is so much to do. If you add small cleaning tasks to your daily routine it will keep your bathroom cleaner longer and it won't seem like such a cumbersome task when you do a full clean. Try wiping the counters down everyday before you go to bed or cleaning the bathtub while you're taking a shower. These small tasks can make your bathroom seem cleaner, even if you don't have time to do a full clean.


2. Have a Place for Everything

Keeping an organized bathroom is an important step in making your bathroom stay clean for longer. When things don't have a defined place to be put away, it’s much more likely that they will pile up on counter tops and shelves, making the bathroom look messier than it actually is. Keep the bathroom looking cleaner longer by making sure there is a place for everything to go, so that items can be put away right when you are done using them.


3. Get the Kids to Help

While this is not necessarily a way to keep the bathroom clean for longer, it does make your job a little bit easier. Assign your kids some age appropriate bathroom cleaning duties that they can take care of daily or weekly. Some examples include sweeping the floor or putting fresh towels on the towel racks. When you make these chores seem like fun, your kids will want to help you with the bathroom cleaning and you'll have a little bit less work to do in there.


4. Use Products that Clean for You

There are many products on the market now that you simply place in your bathroom and it does the cleaning for you. These include toilet tabs that stick to the side and clean every time the toilet flushes and a shower sprayer that can clean the shower after you get out. These things can be used regularly so that you don't have to do that task all the time and your bathroom will stay clean for longer.

Whether you are someone who loves to clean or someone who hates it, using these tips can help you keep your bathroom cleaner for longer allowing you to have a cleaner bathroom and more time to do more important things.